Midway Congregational Church, 1792

05 Apr

Midway Congregational Church, 1792  Organized in 1754 by descendants of an English Colony which came first to Massachusetts, 1630; to Connecticut, 1635; to South Carolina, 1695; to Midway, 1752. Built on the same spot as the church which was burned by the British in 1788. This church has given to her county 86 ministers of the gospel and seven foreign missionaries, Governors, United States Senators, Congressman, and Cabinet members. Among the Midway ministers were the Rev. Abiel Holmes, father of Dr. Oliver Wendall Holmes; Dr. I.S.K. Axson, grandfather of Ellen Louise, the first wife of President Woodrow Wilson; and the Rev. Jedidiah Morse, geographer and father of S.F.B. Morse, Inventor of the telegraph. General Daniel Stewart, a member of the congregation was the great-grandfather of President Theodore Roosevelt. Five counties were named for Midway men; Baker, Gwinnett, Hall, Screven and Stewart. Midway, in St. John’s Parish, now Liberty County, was the cradle of Revolutionary spirit in Georgia and two of her sons were signers of the Declaration of Independence.

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